Starting the Year with a Yes

“Happiness comes from living as you need to, as you want to. As your inner voice tells you to.  Happiness comes from being who you actually are instead of who you think you are supposed to be.”
Shonda Rhimes, Year of Yes


The beginning of a new year always feels like hitting the reset button on life and having the chance to start all over again. So in that state of mind I’ve been reviewing and revamping my goals from the ‘old’ year (a great free tool for this is Year Compass) in order to set new ones for the year ahead.

And the theme that came up is inspired by the book that I am currently reading and loving: ‘Year of Yes‘ by Shonda Rhimes, which got into my hands in the most mysterious way:

As I arrived home on the 2nd of January after facilitating my first Groove Dance  class in a while (= a fun and creative way of dancing with simple steps and to different styles of music) there was an Amazon package waiting. I didn’t recall ordering anything and it was already past Christmas so I had no idea what and from whom it could be. I decided to open it as after all it did have my name and address on it… and out came the book and workbook of ‘Year of Yes’. They looked great, but I still had no clue whom they were from, so I was a little hesitant to start reading. I asked three people whom I had relatively recently given my temporary address. Nope.

imgres.jpgSo at some point I decided to say ‘Yes’ to the book and simply accept it as a gift from the universe. I started reading it and laughing out loud along the way as it’s so hilariously written. And then, a few days later while working on the Instagram account of a social media marketing client, I saw that she was following the same author of the book… could it be? Then suddenly I remembered that she had asked her team’s addresses just before Christmas. So I asked her and… yes! It came from her (many thanks again to Sigrun, who is an inspiring lifestyle-business coach). It turned out that Amazon had forgotten to add the gift-wrapping and card. Mystery solved. And I have to admit that I do feel more relaxed reading it now.

And this brings me back to this blog’s theme of starting the year with Yes.
I came to realize, after going through some old documents on my computer (cleaning and clearing was another new year’s intention!) that the journey to Yes had actually already started after I had returned from my trip to India mid-March last year (traveling somehow always brings me closer to what is truly important to me, recognize this?).  This is a snippet from the document that I came across again:

Saying YES to life, entails saying Yes to my dreams. Yes to my life as it is now. Yes to all the emotions that show up as I walk on the path towards my dreams. Yes to myself as I am now.

It was the start of a movement that has brought me closer to many of my dreams this past year. Leading me to start my current company, writing these blog posts, teaching my first yoga classes since my teacher training even though I didn’t feel ready at all. And which led to facilitating the above-mentioned Groove Dance class with so much more fun and ease than a year ago at the same venue.

Here is another snippet from during the time that I was making my website:

Saying YES suddenly means; no more waiting for the perfect ________ (fill in the blank) and so no more excuses. What if I would just go out there the way I am now?

So last year I unconsciously started saying Yes and it has brought me a lot. This year I intend to continue to do so consciously. My intention is to say Yes to my Heart, or since I named my company Soulydays I should say: Yes to the stirrings of my Soul. Particularly to those impulses that are out of my comfort zone and kind off freak me out. You know, those little nudges that we sometimes receive but that are so convenient and comfortable to ignore. I’ll say Yes to those. So now it’s out there. Ahh. (*nailbiting smiley*)

How about you?

What are you saying Yes to this year? And what will be your first step? Would love to hear about your Yes in the comments below!

And if you would like some extra support and accountability along the way, I would love to walk a little while beside you as your life coach on the journey to Yes.
You can schedule your free introductory session here .


PS. If you need some inspiration on getting started, there is a great movie with Jim Carrey called ‘Yes Man‘. Funny, feel-good, with a message. Would love to hear back from you when you’ve seen it!

PPS. Apparently the Ted Talk by Shonda Rhimes is really good too, I haven’t seen it yet but here is the link.

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