What does it mean to Shine Your Light?

Today I am so excited to start offering my new 1-on-1 online coaching program! It’s called Ignite your Light and is a 7-week journey towards living life in a way that makes your eyes shine!


Depending on the arena you operate in, you’ve probably heard the phrase “Shine your Light” come by at least more than once. You might even get crazy about hearing about it all the time.

I know I did for a while. I though it sounded so cliche and so simplistic.

But… the reason I personally keep returning to it is that to me it expresses better than anything else what it means to live a life that truly fulfils you.

What does it mean to Shine your Light?

So to start with: what is your light? Simply said, it’s that quality which… on the outside it appears perhaps as a sparkle in your eyes when you’re doing something you love (or of course when you’re with someone you love!). And on the inside it is what makes you truly you!

Just like a lighthouse guides ships to the shore, your inner light is what guides you towards a life that truly fulfils you.

Love can connect you to your Light

Your inner light gets activated by everything that has to do with a four-letter word, can you guess it? Yep. L.O.V.E.

Whenever you do anything with love, do what you love, are with someone you love, love yourself… you get the idea… that’s the best way you can connect with this inner light.

Other names for this inner light are your soul, essence, divine spark, spirit. It’s the deepest part of you that hides underneath all the layers of stress, emotions, thoughts, etc. Emotional or mental clouds. Just like the sun always hides behind the clouds, you just sometimes have to rise above them to remember.

The Sun that always Shines

This means that you can always access your own inner sun, and let its rays shine upon your life. And to support you in this process, I have recorded a meditation for you to actually connect with that inner sun, you can receive it here.

Living from the Inside Out

Ok, this was kind of a philosophical start but I had to share it to set the foundation. Because it’s all about inside-out living. We’re all so used and conditioned to change our lives by first changing everything around and outside of us; our jobs, friends, homes, partners, countries… you name it. Sound familiar? I know I’ve tried that approach for many years but needless to say, it doesn’t work and even if it does, the resulting happiness never lasts. Whereas when we manage to start changing our inside world first, the rest starts to fall into place.


And so part of this 7-week personal coaching program will be to find that Peaceful Place inside of yourself. Kind of like at the bottom of the ocean where it’s quiet, no matter what the waves are like on the surface. This is the first of the S.P.A.R.K. Steps that we’ll be walking on this coaching journey:

Especially that last point, the KEYS is such an important point because it’s the daily rituals and habits that ultimately form our long-term happiness.

In the program we will dive deeper to determine your personal keys to unlock the door to sustaining your growth. But… whether you’re joining or not, you can still use these steps for yourself to start the journey of bringing more light to your life.


Ignite Your Day

Daily Dose of Shine l Free Monthly Series l 1 – 30 June 2017

During the month of June, I will be sharing a free daily 1-minute Shine Tip which you can use to Ignite your Light each day, hence: Ignite Your Day. It’s only 1-minute because I know: we don’t have all the time, but still want to shine!

There are different ways to receive your Daily Dose of Shine:

– Straight to your inbox
– Find it on Facebook
– Ignite on Instagram

I am so looking forward to connect with you in whichever way, and until then, keep shining!

☆ Sending you Sparkles and Sunshine ☆

PS. And one more video in which Lisa Simpson explains what it means to Shine!


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