Allow Your Authenticity And Set Yourself Free [+VLOG]

What does authenticity mean to you? For some people, authenticity just seems to come natural. Openly speaking what they think, showing who they are and laughing about their mistakes. They are usually endearing and make us feel at ease in their presence because they invite us to be ourselves too. For most of us it’s a journey though to get to that point. A journey not of learning, but of un-learning.

For me, it has been a lot on my mind lately in the way I write my blog articles, share social media posts and record videos (as you can see above). It’s a journey of experimenting, because the more we try new things, the more we will find out if something suits us and represents who we are… or not.

For instance, social media allows us to show those parts of us to the world that we like. We have almost full control over how we are perceived. And this can seem like an open invitation to show our best side, which has benefits, but it can also become a trap. Because:

When we only share those moments when we feel high-vibe and inspired, we create a mold for ourselves that we need to fit in.

And we may even judge ourselves when we don’t live up to the image that we like to project (more about this in this inner critic blog post).

And of course, we all have this in differing degrees. But it’s worth a moment of reflection: Which sides of yourself would you rather not show, online or offline? What is the worst thing that could happen if you did? And what would be the best thing that could happen?

And one important part of that is to end our relationship with perfectionism. Giving up on the picture-perfect version of ourselves that we would love to be and for others to see. Exchanging it for the real and raw version of us. Not having control of how others perceive us can seem scary, but in the end:

The more authentic you can be, the more you set yourself free. 

Can you imagine how much lighter it would feel to drop that armor of protection that we’ve been wearing for most of our lives? Because at some point in our past, people may have made fun of us, rejected us, or abandoned us? And in order to not have that happen again, we may have moved like a turtle into our safe inner shell. On the outside we may seem bright and bubbly, but how do we really feel on the inside?

That’s why embracing our feelings is a big part of becoming more authentic. In this video I share a short meditation get acquainted with and acknowledge your emotional sensations. Because:

As we accept all of our inner colors, we can start painting them on the canvas of our lives.

Or in case you’re not a painter (like me, admittedly) you can of course write or dance or speak or sing… expressing yourself freely in your perfectly personal way. And the more you show people who you really are, the more you will attract those people into your life who appreciate you just that way.

You are SO worth it! So let’s free ourselves and each other from any personalities that we have created. Becoming more and more transparent for our real selves to show through. Underneath it all: who are you?


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