How To Access Your Aliveness [+VLOG]

Recently I have been thinking a lot about the concept of freedom in our lives. As I created a beautiful new Coaching Program for more Inner Freedom and Fulfilment, this theme started to show up in my own life as well.

One of the questions I ask at the beginning of the program (and also a beautiful one to ask yourself) is: what does inner and outer freedom mean to you, and in which area of your life would you like to experience more freedom?

Being born in the Western world, where we are lucky to already have a foundation of freedom, I dove a little deeper. Part of my personal conclusion is that at this time in my life, outer freedom for me means being able to live location-independently, schedule my own time and earn enough money doing what I love to sustain my needs and give to others. The meaning of inner freedom might sound surprising: It is when the energy of life flows freely through the body.

Before you now close this blog and think, what is she talking about?! I invite you to open your mind and heart, because this concept could hold the key to feeling free, no matter where in the world we live or what situation we are currently in. And it is accessible to anyone!

This Flow of Energy Is Your Access to Aliveness

So letting life flow freely through the body. What does that mean? You may have heard of the concept that we are all made up of energy. On a personal level, this life energy sustains you, makes you who you are and is a creative force that is always at your fingertips. When this life energy flows through you without obstructions on the inside and  expressed in the world outside, you experience freedom, aliveness, beauty, and creativity,

In my case, these also happen to be my core values. Do you know your own core values? Do they get fulfilled when you think about your life energy flowing freely through you?

If you’ve never looked at your core values before, this might be a good moment. Writing down your 5-10 most important values supports you in making decisions and creating a vision for your life. You will be led by the core of who you are, from the inside out, rather than from the outside in. 

 Some Specific Scenarios:

To further clarify this concept, let me name a few sample scenarios that you may recognize:

  • Do you know that feeling of dancing and being moved by the music? Your body just knew, as though you were moved instead of moving consciously?
  • Have you had that same experience with writing, drawing, painting, singing, playing an instrument or any other activity that involves creativity?
  • Have you heard yourself say something and afterward thinking: wow, was that really me? 😉

Did you also realize that the moment you started thinking about it, it stopped? It’s because this life energy can’t be directed by the logical-thinking brain. Most of us have been taught to try and control everything, but…

You Can’t Control Your Soul

Your soul, this life energy, is meant to flow freely. Think of wild horses and the way they move, the way birds fly, basically the way any wild animal moves around. And you get an idea.

We as humans though have been conditioned since birth, to behave, basically. In order to fit into society, to become a (more or less) well-functioning adult. Which of course has its benefits! But the downside is that we lose so much of our realness, our rawness, our freedom to simply be, behave and express ourselves the way we are.

We Are Taught To Look At Ourselves From The Outside In…

We are all so trained to look at ourselves from the outside in: to filter, to hold back, to edit… in order to be accepted, acknowledged or approved. Instead of living from the inside out by expressing our real selves and letting this energy, this source of aliveness fill us up on the inside and express itself on the outside.

Once we start reclaiming our real selves in this way, we may discover dreams, talents, gifts, passions that we had long forgotten about or didn’t even know we had. Living a life in line with who we really are.

Imagine if we all lived that way, this would be a world similar to a dance floor! Everyone expressing themselves individually, yet connected by the same beat. We are all connected by the fact that we have a heartbeat while alive. If we take regular time to listen, find out and follow what makes our heart beat faster, we move closer towards a life and a world with more freedom, fulfillment, and so much more.


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