What’s Love Got To Do With It? [+VLOG]

Today’s theme is about Living In Love, not the smallest theme, but I intend to keep it:
Short, Simple and Soulful.

So, living in love what does that mean? And I am not speaking here about the romantic or cheesy kind of love. Of course, being in love is awesome! But it is actually a state that we can always access, the entire year round, plus it doesn’t have to be dependent on a person. It is a state you can cultivate on the inside.

I can imagine you’re thinking now… okay sounds awesome, but how do you do that?

There are different ways to go about it. I don’t know if you’ve heard about the Heart Math Institute, it’s a beautiful Institute that really focuses on studying the heart, not just physically but also energetically, the effect that it has on our entire bodies and so much more.

According to the Heart Math Institute, one simple way to get in touch and get into that state of love is by putting one or two hands on your heart, breathing in and out there, and thinking about someone or something you love. This is a free Heart Meditation to guide you through this process.

If you do this regularly, you reach a state of love, and your entire body starts to harmonize. Your cells, your organs… everything functions optimally. That is what the state of love does to us.

Living in the State of Love

When you are in this state, you attract the right people circumstances, situations and you somehow repel people that are having a bad day! You probably know this feeling of waking up in the morning and just feeling happy for no reason and everything goes right (or of course, the other way around it can also happen!). You can cultivate a state of positivity on the inside and from there it will be reflected on the outside. It is exactly the same with love.

So one way to reach that state is by doing the Heart Math Meditation and connecting with your heart in this way. Another way is… forgiveness.

Letting The Heart Speak Louder…

Recently I had an argument with a really good friend. It came unexpected and we both walked out and took a break and a walk. While I was walking, I realized there were two processes going on inside. On the one hand, my head replayed all the things my friend had said. On the other hand, in my heart, I felt this really peaceful love which was there the whole time.

That is the choice, like a fork in the road. You can either choose a pattern of perhaps fear, that may be familiar or… you may choose love. This may be a new path but it’s so much more peaceful. Thankfully that day I took the heart path.

As my friend and I met again, later on, the fight still continued a bit as we said goodbye and went separate ways… for about two minutes. Then we both turned around as we felt: “we have to give each other a hug because we just can’t leave this way” and we started laughing.

Realizing that all those stories are not that important, what really matters is the love underneath it all. Yes, that is true friendship, and it is also a way of living. Not putting so much importance on all those voices and arguments in your head, and sinking a little deeper, listening more to your heart.

Feeding Love…

This way of reaching the state of love relates to a beautiful Cherokee story about two wolves. Shortly said: there were two wolves fighting, a good one and an evil one. The grandson asks his grandfather, who was telling this story, which wolf is going to win and the grandfather replies: the one you feed.

The more you feed this state of love, in other words, the more logs you put on the fire inside your heart with actions such as forgiveness, listening to your heart instead of your head’s arguments, connecting with your heart through meditation… the more you feed the state of love. And then the more you experience the effects in your life, the more convinced you will become that this is simply the best way to live!

And yes, sometimes we ‘fail’, sometimes we make mistakes, sometimes we get into arguments. It happens, and then the art is, as Gabrielle Bernstein says: how quickly do you return to love? She calls it the ‘return rate’. We all sometimes switch out of love, but then, how fast do you get back on track of… the love train?

Now I would LOVE to hear your thoughts on this theme as well, and which methods you use to enter this state of love? Welcome to share your thoughts in the comments below!

Wishing you a beautiful and loving rest of your day!

Xo, Nicky


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