Looking Through The Lens Of Love ❤

“Do you dare to see the good within all, looking past surfaces into the soul?
Can you see the goodness within in you? Remember your wholeness, in all that you do?”

This paragraph belongs to a poem that I recently wrote and want to share some parts of. It is about seeing the goodness within ourselves and others.

Since so often, we tend to focus on the things in ourselves, in others, in our lives that we are not so satisfied with, that we would like to improve… We may dive into self-improvement, but when we focus on the flaws, we will always find some, whether existing or new. A never-ending story, right?

When We Focus On Flaws, We Wil Always Find Some.

How about turning it around? Instead of looking at what’s ‘wrong’, how about looking at what’s RIGHT about those people, projects and especially… ourselves?

Because beneath it all, beyond the layers of behaviors and beliefs, appearances and attributes that we usually identify with, lies who we really are. Call it our essence, spirit, divinity, soul… It’s the part us that’s whole. Untouched. Unchanged. Unchanging.

Rumi has a beautiful quote that says:

‘The Lamps Are Different But The Light Is The Same’

On the outside, we may all look and behave differently, but our essence is the same. When we focus on that light inside and underneath it all, our (way of relating to) life and the people around us will shift. When we regularly connect with that peaceful part inside of us, we start cultivating a state of love that seeps through into all areas of our lives.

When we live from that state, focusing on what’s wrong will not even be an option anymore, we automatically look through the lens of love, and that’s when things begin to change…

As We Look Through The Lens Of Love, Things Begin To Change… 

Is there a situation in your life at the moment that you could look at through the lens of love? Would LOVE to hear from you what the result was, in the comments below!


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