Change has a bit of a bad rep, right? So many of us resort to it only when there is no other choice. But as India Arie beautifully sings: “the only thing constant in the world is change“. So how do we embrace this part of life and make the best out of it?

It all starts with opening up to the idea that, perhaps, it doesn’t always have to be so hard… What if we can CHOOSE THE HEART WAY instead of the HARD WAY?

We all have to one degree or another the desire to belong and fit in, to be accepted and approved of. But many of us were raised to believe that only by fitting into a mold which has been prepared for us, we wil receive this LOVE AND ACCEPTANCE that we so deeply crave.

But one of the concepts I truly believe in is that life is best lived from THE INSIDE OUT. That we are truly independent and empowered when we are able to find happiness, love, fulfilment and all the good stuff inside of OURSELVES first.

Traveling through life,
my heart serves as a compass.
Destination: Home.

I have personally spent most of my life struggling to strangle myself into shapes I was never meant to fit in. Looking for love and belonging in all the wrong places. Losing more and more of myself along the way. Until at some point it brought me on a journey that I like to call: HOME TO THE HEART

Bit by bit bringing together the pieces of myself into an ever-unfolding puzzle of my own making. Living life in a way that is true to YOUR OWN NATURE.


Are you Ready for The Journey Back Home to Yourself?

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