About Nicky

Hi and Welcome dear Soul Traveler!

I’m so glad you mebeach.jpgare here and can’t wait to meet and get to know you better. Let me start by introducing myself…

My name is Nicky de Koning and I’m from The Netherlands (and half German). As a Life Coach and Life Traveler it is one of my biggest passions to travel the inner and outer world. And I’m excited to share more about that with you here. I love finding ways and accompanying others towards a lighter life- one in which we can relax more, follow our desires and dreams, find our answers inside and simply enjoy life more.

Traveling the Inner World

With inner travel I refer to the process of turning our attention inwards. Looking at thoughts, beliefs and patterns in life that no longer serve us. Ways in which we might be holding ourselves back and especially… how we can turn all this around to live fulfilling lives that make us truly happy and our eyes shine from the inside out!

This is also what my life coaching sessions are about. Intending to bring you back in touch with your inner light- that lightness of being, your passion, excitement, intuition, your essence-  who you truly are underneath it all. Or in travel terms:  the sun that always shines on the inside.

‘We’re all just walking each other home.’ Ram Dass

It is my deepest belief that we have all the answers inside- just sometimes we need the time and space (or someone who creates that space) in order to hear them. I also believe that we are all here to walk each other home. I am personally so grateful for all the people who have walked and still walk beside me (as I am definitely not perfect and on the same path as you) and I would be honored and happy to walk a little while beside you.

Traveling Through Life

In a way we are all on a journey through life, which means that we can decide how we like to travel. One thing that usually makes the journey a lot easier is to travel light. And so the more we let go of our inner baggage, the more room we create for what we really love in our lives.

Another important aspect of a good trip is of course to be clear on the destination and have a good map or… compass:

‘Traveling through life, my heart serves as a compass, destination home. -Nicky

And this is part of what I aim to create in our sessions together. On the one hand I bring in a background in business and tourism, as well as a certified training as Holistic Life Coach, in addition with a yoga teacher training (so be prepared for occasional breathing or stretching breaks!). This combination forms the foundation for all of our sessions.

From there on it is just like going on a trip: each journey is different. This means in short, I love creating a space for you to reconnect with your inner travel guide on the journey through life: the wisdom of your heart.

Let’s Connect…

Now that you know a little more about me, I would love to learn more about you! 

Did any of this resonate with you? Then I would love to hear from you. Welcome to connect on social media below or apply for the complementary Clarity Call and who knows, perhaps we will be traveling together for a little while!


Nicky de Koning
Life Coach and Life Traveler

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