Life Coaching – The Inner Journey

Finding the path towards a life that truly fulfills you, loving yourself along the way.

Sometimes you arrive at a point in life when you know something has to change. And though it might be hard to see at the moment, this is a unique chance to move closer to your true PERSONALITY, PASSION and POTENTIAL.

Will you Say YES to the Journey Back Home to Yourself?

When we travel, we often come across the most beautiful locations, meeting new people and end up in unexpected adventures. In the same way, INNER TRAVEL is all about the adventure of exploring your own inner landscapes.


Digging out buried PASSIONS, discovering hidden sites of your PERSONALITY and perhaps encountering a little roadblock here and there. Until slowly… just like climbing a mountain, you start to catch views of your full POTENTIAL.

Uncovering and Discovering,
Exploring and Expressing
Who You Truly Are.

Your Inner Travel Coach

And I would love to walk alongside you for a while as your Inner Travel Coach. Traveling on this journey toward finding and becoming your own inner travel coach and towards a life that makes your heart and soul sing.

My name is Nicky and as a Certified Holistic Life Coach I believe that change is not just made on a conscious level and that body, mind, and soul need to be equally addressed. I also believe that you already have all the answers inside.

That is why I usually don’t provide advice or answers but create a space which allows you to find your own answers.

A space to dive deeply into yourself and connect with your inner wisdom.

I have personally experienced the IMPORTANCE, INSPIRATION, and INVIGORATION that comes from knowing that you are surrounded by at least someone who encourages and empowers you along the path until you can be that someone to yourself.

Traveling through life, your heart serves as a compass, destination: home.

It Starts with the First Step
Are you Ready for Yours?

Then congratulations!!

It takes courage to create a positive change in your life. And I so look forward to exploring the possibilities to travel towards your most fulfilling life!

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What Others Say About Nicky


Nicky has a profound talent to see the potential in others. Her reflections and feedback helped and encouraged me to step up to do what my heart longed to do, but which I didn’t give myself permission to. She is insightful and inspired me with her positivity and her own drive to for awesomeness! For instance, did we brainstorm ideas how to increase my wealth, which helped me amongst other things to achieve a major shift in my career! Thank you for everything, Nicky!” 

– Bibi Gratzer, Founder at Flowriter

b.jpg“Nicky is a human angel, that’s for sure. In a brief breakfast chat she coached me through a deeply set traumatic memory and belief I had been holding energetically for what feels like my entire life. I was ready to release it but with Nicky’s support I felt safe in doing so.”

-Sydney Campos, USA, Transformational Catalyst at Make Only Magic


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