Personal Coaching Program

In this 7-week personal coaching program we will set out to find what it is that makes you SHINE from the INSIDE OUT.

Do you know those people who:

– have that SPARKLE in their eyes
– LIGHT up the room as they enter
– SHINE from the inside out
– BEAMING with joy and…
RADIATING a positive attitude


How about you, do you remember the last way you felt that way? And wouldn’t it be great to find a way to bring more of this feeling of aliveness into your daily life? 

I deeply believe that this way of living is not just possible for a few of us, but for all of us. And while it starts inside, it might include making some changes in your outer world too.

It Starts With An Inner Itch…

Do you sometimes get this feeling that there must be more to life? On the outside it looks like things might be going great, but on the inside there is this itch, a longing perhaps… something seems to be missing. For instance:

  • You would like to make a change in your life but don’t know where to start.
  • You want to follow your dreams, but doubt keeps creeping in
  • You may not even be entirely sure what your dreams actually are
  • You get stuck at times, as if you are running in circles
  • You are changing- but not everyone around you is- and you fear losing those closest to you
  • You feel guilty for feeling this way because… shouldn’t you just be grateful?
  • You may feel tired often and believe your body is trying to tell you something… but what?

Dear You, I Hear You and I Am so Glad You Are Here!

My name is Nicky and I so know how you feel. Having had an inner restlessness for as long as I can remember, all of these points are so familiar to me too (and I guess to most of the millennial generation by the way;).

For the longest time I tried to find the answers in the outer world. Changing jobs, countries, relationships, friendships, even belief systems again and yet again. Yes there were valuable experiences and I loved it all and learned from it. But it never really brought me the fulfilment I was looking for.

Long story short, I tried to change my outer world in all ways, whereas it was my inner world that truly needed an upgrade.

Both the internal and external world are part of our focus on this seven week journey to:

Move from Stuck to Sparkling with the SPARK-Steps©

SOUL – Find your way to connect with your soul, your essence, to find your own answers.
PASSION– Increase clarity around your passion and ways to infuse your life with it.
ACTION— Mapping out aligned action steps to take you towards a more passionate life.
ROADBLOCKS – Investigate beliefs and behaviors that may be holding you back.
KEYS – Find your personal set of skills to keep that inner fire burning.


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This personal coaching program is a seven-week intensive inner journey. A combination of one-on-one sessions, self-reflection, inspiration and implementation. This is what you will receive:

Personal Coaching Calls (70min each)
These sessions are at the heart of the program. In these one-on-one calls (via Skype or Zoom) we will dive deeper into your personal focus areas.


Check-In Moments (ca. 10min each)
In the weeks where you don’t have a coaching call, there will be a moment for you to check-in live about your process and ask any questions (via Whatsapp or Email).


Weekly Program
At the beginning of each week, you will receive your ‘SoulSheet’ which includes a video +  reflection + action, based on the SPARK-Steps described above. This part you do on your own and then we will discuss your results in our coaching calls / check-in chats.




  • 14 SOULFUL SONGS. To keep you inspired and moving, you’ll receive a luminous list with soulful songs. So you can celebrate your light at the end of the program (or before already #whywait). I personally love listening to it and can’t wait to share!
  • PERSONAL GUIDED MEDITATION. At the end of your Coaching Journey, you’ll receive a personal guided meditation which contains all the key points of this trajectory! This makes it easier to stay on track.
  • EBOOK: “31 Tips to Unlock Your Inner Brilliance”: Last but not least, you will receive a free ebook with a wide variety of tips to make your Shine last!


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Ignite your Light – Personal Coaching Program (7 weeks)

Ignite your Light


Your total investment is USD 888,- (incl. VAT)

You are welcome to pay in 2 monthly rates of USD 444,-
(at no extra cost, my gift to you)


Shine Bright on a Budget – Personal Coaching Program (3.5 weeks)

Shine Bright on a BudgetI truly believe that your budget shouldn’t stop you from shining your light. In case this coaching program resonates with you, but your wallet doesn’t yet reflect the size of your inner light! There is also a ‘light’ version of this coaching journey.

For half the prize at USD 444,- (incl. VAT) You receive half the amount of sessions in half the amount of time with all of the goodness. Payment possible in 2 monthly rates of USD 222,-

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Ready to Ignite?

Yes, I’m in!

Yay, congratulations! So happy that you’re on board! If you follow this link, you can sign-up. I can’t wait to meet you online and start the journey towards your most shining, soulful self!

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It all sounds great but I’d like to know a little more…

I totally understand, and I’m happy to open up my agenda for you to schedule a 20-min session where you can ask any last questions you might have and you can see if this program resonates.

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Hope to See you (Shine) Soon!

And in the mean time…

here is a video I recorded about Living in the Light, in which I also give a spontaneous short demo on one of my favorite techniques (EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique) to support in living more lightly: